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3824RE: [GTh] GTh 82 - Fire & Kingdom

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  • David C. Hindley
    Jun 2 9:06 PM
      Rick Hubbard asks:

      >>do you not think it would be just as well to stick with

      I have to agree. Unless everyone has HTML capable e-mail software
      *and* the same fonts loaded on their computers, there will always be
      conflicts displaying messages containing sections of a foreign
      language font. The internet was designed to send ASCII text messages
      only, and I'm afraid that transliterations using ASCII characters is
      the only common solution for the time being.

      However, I do agree with Mike that some transliteration schemes are
      harder to intuitively grasp than others. Too many characters like
      @#$%^&*()<>|\/ (especially for some of the Semitic languages) in a
      scheme make it hard for me to easily sound out the word in my head.
      However, Haven't I seen a scheme much like Mike's Coptic scheme used
      in printed books?


      Dave Hindley
      Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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