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3821Re: [GTh] GTh 82 - Fire & Kingdom

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  • BitsyCat1@aol.com
    Jun 2, 2001
      In a message dated 6/2/01 1:54:13 AM, mgrondin@... writes:

      << p.s. Any thoughts about embedding fonts in these messages? I believe our
      current group option is set to "Text only", not "HTML allowed".

      I believe you will find that you can only transmit typed messages now. Yahoo
      has put a general stop on most sites using anything but typed messages.
      Anything that resembles an image such as Greek or Latin does not appear (it
      will say image not displayed) However if you have the Greek and or Coptic in
      the Type it may well appear.
      Such as ß,π,Oø,∆, if so it is only because it is programming language I
      believe. Apparentlythe cut down after some images carried virus attacks to
      the Groups (Bad trans 2 virus), I have on several sites tried to use the
      Greek and It simply does not appear anylonger.
      You Can upload files into the Images section of a main site. I believe
      you"ll probably have to experiment with what will make it through. regards
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