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  • Tom Ragland
    Oct 2, 2000
      All that is being attempted is to abstract concepts and put them into a
      relational framework and intuitively deduce insights by the construction.
      This is the basis for Kaballah (Quabalah, and other spellings), which is
      supposed to be the mystical tradition of Judaism going back to before the
      time of Jesus. Judaism sees three divisions in their tradition. The Bible
      (Old Testament, Torah and Prophets) is the physical set of rules and
      instructions for the physical molding to the covenant. The Talmud (which we
      in Christian tradition may think of the Church Fathers instead) is the
      mental reflection on the covenant, the logical arguments and conclusions.
      The Kaballah is the mystical gnosis, the direct intuitive link as reflected
      to the chosen by the archangel Metatron. There are countless books that
      show evidence of Kaballistic understanding in the writers of the books of
      Ezekiel and Isaiah, thus pushing the tradition back quite a distance. "For
      thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever" ending to
      the Lord's Prayer is an obvious reference to Kaballah to anyone who has
      experienced the Tree of Life. All of this to say that Kaballah is a system
      of rearranging ideas according to themes and studying the relationships of
      these ideas at a level higher than that of rational logic. It is intuitive
      and inspirational and the Jews say that it is angels who guide the awakened
      insights that are received as if by intuition and an experience that cannot
      be put back into words. This is why the Kaballah is not a text but rather a
      drawing. The discussions about the deity in the ancient Gnostic texts prove
      that early Gnostic Christianity was Kaballistic. The "Self Begotten", the
      "Silent One", Christos, Logos, the Virgin Mother, the emanations and
      overflowings, the Sophia who wanted to know the Father and thus gave birth
      to the universe, the Zoe who is the etheric aura that sustains life--all
      relate back to the greatest treasure that Judaism has given to the world.
      It is all confusing contradictory words until placed in the organizational
      structure of the Kaballah. And then it all comes together, but in a way
      that you can't explain in just logical terms. But you can introduce someone
      to the Kaballah and have them come to the same realizations. Sort of a
      holistic reptilian primative understanding that dissipates in the light of
      the almighty logical ego trip. Heart over head once again. Seems to be a
      reoccuring theme of gnosis in general.

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      From: Andrew Smith <asmith@...>
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      Date: Friday, September 29, 2000 6:18 PM
      Subject: [gthomas] Re: Saying 45

      >> I take this as another piece of internal
      >> evidence for the jigsaw puzzle theory, according to which the
      >> is intended to rearrange parts of GoT - even to remove parts of it
      >> to form a different, more perfect, structure than appears at first.

      This sounds like the "Bible codes" which are so popular with
      now. Just in case you're unsure what I mean, they do things like read
      fifth word & then pretend some meaningful insight to what's really
      The jigsaw puzzle is probably equally eroneous unless you can show how
      Thomas this way actually produces any more coherent view of the whole. I
      think finding such "meaning" is probably of the same order as the meaning
      dreams in the psychoanalysis game. Dennet used it in _Consciousness
      Explained_ (the title of which historian of science Bob Richards said
      be followed by a question mark).

      Dennet uses it as an explanation of hallucination. The game consists of
      sending one of the party members as a dupe to leave the room while the
      remaider of the party concoct a dream for him to analyze. It is to be
      related to him by his asking the remainder yes-no questions When the dupe
      is gone the remainder agree that they will answer yes if the last letter
      the last word is in the first half of the alphabet & no if otherwise. In
      short, the dupe concocts a dream out of the questions provided him. I'm
      afraid any attempt to break Thomas down into a code or jigsaw puzzle
      probably has you asking the same kind of questions & getting the same kind
      of answers.

      Jim Bauer
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