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3055Re: [gthomas] Dating GThom

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  • Andrew Smith
    Aug 1, 2000
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      on 7/30/00 9:41 AM, Rick Hubbard at rhubbard@... wrote:

      > For the sake of illustrating the general trajectories in the discussions
      > about the date of GThom, it may be helpful to identify some of the
      > participants in the debate and the dating they suggest.
      > H. Koester: 70-100 CE
      > R. Cameron: 50-100 CE
      > W. Davies: 50-70 CE
      > J. Fitzmyer: C. 200 CE (End of 2nd c.)
      > J. Menard: C. 200 CE (End of 2nd c.)
      > A. Guillamont C. (End of 2nd c.)
      > B. Dehandschutter C. (End of 2nd c.)

      What are these last four based on? Are they dates for the Coptic version of
      Thomas? Or are they based on the old argument of Thomas being Gnostic, and
      therefore late?

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