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2645Re: [gthomas] Androgynous Adam

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  • Kanefer@aol.com
    Mar 31, 2000
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      In a message dated 3/31/00 3:38:13 PM, Mike Grondin wrote:
      <<In the beginning, all was spirit. In the end, all will be
      spirit again. In the meantime, all of us human critters who are
      combinations of flesh and spirit, should yield to the (holy) spirit
      which is in us, and follow *its* dictates rather than the dictates of
      the flesh (with which it is naturally and always at war!) In that way,
      we can become (virtual?) members of "the kingdom" while we're
      physically alive, so that our spirits (or souls) will become (actual?)
      members of the kingdom after our physical death, and forever.>>

      I think this is good analysis all the way through. There is that scripture
      in 1 Corinthians, 6:16-17, that maybe helps with thought of neither the male
      male & neither the female female. Because, after "joining with" God one is
      female or male in form, but not in spirit.
      Was thinking, on some level, Adam & Eve were already "married" in sense that
      they first existed as one flesh, then were riven. This theme of separation
      is echoed in forced departure from Garden.
      In a way, thinking of them as already "one flesh" - it is as if they were put
      assunder, and as if the creation of Eve itself represents sin - that the sin
      was already committed, and then represented by one flesh becoming "twain."
      Except, it is shown as God having separated the one into two.
      So, maybe, in consideration also of the expulsion from Garden, it is that the
      flesh was separated from the spirit? But it doesn't seem so.
      Adam: Flour & water baked in oven = bread.
      Eve: A part from the bread = bread

      So, it appears that the one flesh of the two was put assunder.
      Looking at theme of separation: (God separates light from dark, etc.) God
      separates Adam from Tree of Knowledge, God separates (creates) Eve from Adam,
      Eve separated from Adam by serpent/fruit, couple separated from God by
      awareness of nakedness, (nakedness as opposed to what?), God separates couple
      from Garden... Think there is a secret there.

      It should be kept in mind that Adam in Garden of Eden was not blissfully
      frolicking or walking about holy as "androgynous" spiritual being in
      paradisiacal environment, but tilling fields and tending orchards and taking
      care of animals, good hard work as mere laborer, he was a farmhand. (A
      farmhand sorely in need of a "help meet"). How can this possibly be
      construed as "Kingdom?" Thus, it truly is evident to me that return to
      Beginning cannot be return to Adam!

      Sincerely, Patti
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