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2474[gthomas] Re: Androgynous Adam

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  • Ronald David McCann
    Apr 2, 2000
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      It seems to me that homo sapiens novus. the new human is asexual because
      Spirit is asexual. The teaching about "neither married or given in
      marriage" alludes to this. The "Making Mary Male" logion in Thomas refers,
      I submit, to the aquisition of spirithood by a female, something those
      blockheads thought was only a male perogative. This saying is surely
      corrective. Any soul can transform into spirit, and if one insists J can
      make her male so she can do it.

      I have a real problem taking this Androgeny debate seriously. Females
      seem to be one step removed from salvation. This, in my view, is nonsense,
      and I reieterate that some of Thomas is garbage.

      It always stuns me that people fail to see that SOULS, whaterever their
      gender physically, are asexual creatures. And so it is when they acquire
      spirithood. The appendages just polarize the identities. What you see
      hanging from your bodies you identify with. But this is your horse. That
      is all it is.

      Thomas, it seems to me, teaches that Souls can become Spirits, and
      thereby become immortal.

      Late Thomas material, I suggest, buys into the immortality of the
      soul. This concept makes the importance of acquiring immortality
      redundant. If you already have it, why quest for it? More garbage.

      Late Thomas is either garbage because it urges us to quest for
      when we have already have it or urges upon us a quest for what is already

      I suggest that those parts of T that tell us we are smoked unless we
      acquire spirithood are the original. "Seek a place in the Rest lest you
      be eaten."

      Best Wishes

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