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2469[gthomas] Re: Androgynous Adam

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  • Onnawa@aol.com
    Apr 1, 2000
      In a message dated 3/31/00 5:38:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, mgrondin@...

      << If I can wax poetic for a
      moment: In the beginning, all was spirit. In the end, all will be
      spirit again. In the meantime, all of us human critters who are
      combinations of flesh and spirit, should yield to the (holy) spirit
      which is in us, and follow *its* dictates rather than the dictates of
      the flesh (with which it is naturally and always at war!) In that way,
      we can become (virtual?) members of "the kingdom" while we're
      physically alive, so that our spirits (or souls) will become (actual?)
      members of the kingdom after our physical death, and forever. That's
      what *I* think is meant by Thomas's promise that one can bring it about
      that one will not "taste death".


      .......Maybe Tom means that when we identify our true natures as
      spirit...actually experience ourselves as a spirit being,and recognise we are
      not our male or female bodies of protiens and such we will recognise that we
      never were our bodies and always were and always have been spirit beings.
      Maybe the fact that Einstein proclaimed that no energy is ever lost....it
      merely change form points this fact out also. If we are not male or female
      but spirit or energy beings who change form, then we have and always will be
      in the kingdom of heaven in that we see first hand directly that we are what
      we are and cannot die ever. So is this what Tom was saying ...with a
      Newtonion Einsteinian twist?
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