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2424[gthomas] Re: Jewishness of GOT

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  • Ronald David McCann
    Mar 9, 2000
      Pardon an interloper in your debate. Paul was apparently a Pharisee
      adherant prior to his conversion, and allegedly quite zealous. Yet his
      Jewishness was not the only Jewishness of his time. There was another
      root-the Sadducees, and converts to the New Way are equally probable.

      When I look at the pitifully few references to Sadducean beliefs in the
      literature, I am still struck with the similarity of the belief system to
      the Thomas crowd. One little change, and Sadducean adherants could embrace
      the non-apolyptic, non physical resurrection, and especially the secret
      tradition fully. The material on Sadducees is so scant that little can be
      gleaned except that apart from being of the elite, we know they were

      Change one significant factor- namely - they did not believe in the
      (physical) resurrection Scenario at the End of Day, and a Sadducee could
      become a Jewish Chistian. Thomas speaks to no physical resurrection, no
      end of Days and substitues a spiritual resurrection while in the flesh
      for a rising from the dead at a general resurrection. Now that is
      something a Sadducee could " sink his teeth into".

      I posit a bunch of Sadducean converts speaking the secret teaching as
      fanning out and eventually headquartering in Syrain Edessa and perhaps
      eventualy coutering Paul.

      So much for what Jewishness.

      Thomas may well have been a Sadducean product, and I agree that
      Xtian/Jewish communities, divisibly must have existed through the East
      with equal splits.

      I guess I am saying "Don't dismiss the Sadducees" because, to me, Thomas,
      and indeed the very earliest Chistian-Jewish communities were influenced
      by them.

      In fact, I think presently that original Thomas was a Sadducean-

      Any Comments?

      Ron McCann

      viewpoints, surerly s
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