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1384[gthomas] Conter-cultural Thomas

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  • joseph baxter
    Aug 18, 1999
      At 09:58 AM 8/14/99 , you wrote:
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      >Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 12:32 AM
      >Subject: [gthomas] Re: Pre or post-Easter Jesus
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      > >
      > > If it is unique
      > >>or anomalous among similar early texts that focus on Jesus, then that
      > >>very fact is historically interesting, isn't it?
      > >>
      > >> For example, what Jesus texts are there
      > >>that compare in this respect with Thomas? If there are some, how
      > >>similar are they? If there aren't any, then how interesting!
      > >
      > >The text that comes to mind, as a kind of passionate sequel to Thomas, is
      > >the Gospel of Philip. There we find that interesting counter-cultural view
      > >that the resurrection must occur before death. A de-emphasis of the
      > >external resurrection. This is all very consistent with the Thomasine
      > >emphasis on the inside.
      >Interesting that someone would bring up the counter-culture with respect to
      >the resurrection which occurs before death.

      The unique sayings in Thomas are clearly counter-cultural. The philosophy
      is very modern. That is why is has appeal some 2000 years later.

      > Yeah, and I'm several decades
      >past my decade; before he died, Timothy Leary was one of my best friends.

      I also knew Timothy Leary. I paid him a legal visit in prison. In a way he
      was something of a Christ figure. He symbolized a very threatening
      challenge to the dominant culture. The authorities really put it to him in
      a big way. (Just like Yeshu) He got a 25 year term for a joint or two.
      They also took his book rights. Unfortunately he lacked Yeshu's guts.
      Under pressure, he turned on his friends.

      Ultimately he was only into himself.

      With kind regards,

      Joe Baxter

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