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1382[gthomas] Re: Pre or post-Easter Jesus

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  • Jim Bauer
    Aug 14, 1999
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      Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 12:32 AM
      Subject: [gthomas] Re: Pre or post-Easter Jesus

      > If it is unique
      >>or anomalous among similar early texts that focus on Jesus, then that
      >>very fact is historically interesting, isn't it?
      >> For example, what Jesus texts are there
      >>that compare in this respect with Thomas? If there are some, how
      >>similar are they? If there aren't any, then how interesting!
      >The text that comes to mind, as a kind of passionate sequel to Thomas, is
      >the Gospel of Philip. There we find that interesting counter-cultural view
      >that the resurrection must occur before death. A de-emphasis of the
      >external resurrection. This is all very consistent with the Thomasine
      >emphasis on the inside.

      Interesting that someone would bring up the counter-culture with respect to
      the resurrection which occurs before death. Yeah, and I'm several decades
      past my decade; before he died, Timothy Leary was one of my best friends.
      So, the first time I ever dropped acid, I rose from the dead.
      Unfortunately, despite Tim's telling me, "We all know illegal drugs are
      better than legal ones," the stuff eventually turned me into a paranoid

      Turning to more scholarly matters, you can find the following in the intro
      to Jung's PSYCHOLOGY AND ALCHEMY: "I apologize if the above sounds like a
      Gnostic myth. We are moving thru the deep psychological waters where gnosis
      is in fact rooted. The message of Christianity is gnosis and the
      unconscious compensation is gnosis to a still higher degree."

      And, now that the subject of drug cults has come up, how does John Allegro's
      THE SACRED MUSHROOM AND THE CROSS impact on the drunkenness which is not of
      this world?

      Jim Bauer
      >With kind regards,
      >Joe Baxter
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