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1372[gthomas] Re: Q and Jesus

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  • joseph baxter
    Aug 5, 1999
      I am re-posting this as I don't see it on Netscape. Even so, I received a
      copy. Strange.

      At 08:35 AM 8/1/99 , "Achilles" wrote:
      >On 99-07-22 at 17:14:39 EDT, Stevan Davies wrote:
      > > Isn't it one of the standard problems
      > > arising from Q GTh considerations that they don't seem to have
      > > ever heard of any crucifixion or resurrection? [And for Paul that
      > > he doesn't seem to have heard of anything else?]
      >While it is true that the Q GTh sayings traditions do not
      >explicitly refer to the crucifixion or resurrection (nor do they
      >ever mention "Messiah)," we cannot conclude from this
      >that the authors of Q and GTh are unfamiliar
      >with the crucifixion, the resurrection, or the conception of
      >Jesus as Messiah. Just that they didn't attribute sayings
      >about these matters to the pre-Easter Jesus.

      On what basis do you assume that the Gospel of Thomas refers to a
      pre-Easter Jesus?

      Joe Baxter

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