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1370[gthomas] Re: Q and Jesus

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  • Mark Goodacre
    Aug 2, 1999
      On 1 Aug 99, at 11:35, Achilles37@... wrote:

      > While it is true that the Q GTh sayings traditions do not
      > explicitly refer to the crucifixion or resurrection (nor do they
      > ever mention "Messiah)," we cannot conclude from this
      > that the authors of Q and GTh are unfamiliar
      > with the crucifixion, the resurrection, or the conception of
      > Jesus as Messiah. Just that they didn't attribute sayings
      > about these matters to the pre-Easter Jesus.

      This is an important qualification. In the case of Q we need to tread
      more carefully still since it is, of course, source-critically extrapolated
      from Matthew and Luke. Since Q is often defined as a sayings
      source with no passion and resurrection story, one might almost say
      that there is no passion & resurrection by definition, particularly since
      there are well known Minor Agreements between Matthew and Luke
      against Mark in the Passion Narrative (cf. Kloppenborg, _Formation
      of Q_, pp. 85-7).

      Further, on the question of whether the "Christ" terminology is present
      in Q, it is arguable that it is implicit in Q 7.22. In the same passage,
      the Matthean version has the explicit terminology (Matt. 11.2),
      sometimes overlooked in reconstructions of Q, in spite of the fact that
      the usage is rather un-Lukan.

      > Furthermore, these sayings traditions do include a few
      > indirect references to these matters -
      > "Pick up your cross and follow me;" (GTh 55)
      > "We know that you will leave us;" (GTh 12)
      > "There is nothing buried that shall not be raised" (Gr. GTh 6,
      > Oxyrhynchus burial shroud);
      > "Twenty-four prophets spoke in Israel and all of them spoke
      > about (lit. "in") you" (GTh 52)

      See too David Seeley's interesting piece on "Jesus Death in Q" from
      NTS 32 (1992), reproduced on-line on the Synoptic-L site:


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