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10937Re: [GTh] A Note on the NLT

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  • Mike Grondin
    Jun 16, 2014
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      World is a perfectly fine
      translation of aion (esp in a Gnostic context).
      I don't find much support for this, except in relatively rare cases.
      True, the KJV has 'world' for 'aiwn' in various places, including 2
      Cor 4:4, but the New KJV changed that to 'age'. (On the other hand,
      NASB still has 'world'). Although I don't much trust Vines, it contains
      the strong claim that 'aiwn' is "sometimes wrongly rendered 'world'".
      'World' does appear in LSJ under 'aiwn', but only in the context of a
      special phrase that's taken to mean 'this present world' (which would
      seem to be an indirect, perhaps poetic, way to refer to the current age).
      Neither in LSJ nor elsewhere, however, do I find 'world' given as even
      a secondary meaning for 'aiwn'. Furthermore, Paul used 'kosmos' many
      times more than he used 'aiwn', so it would seem probable that where
      he used 'aiwn' he had a different notion in mind. I guess metaphor is
      always a possibility, but what do your sources say?
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