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10930Re: [GTh] Monthly Report for 2014.05

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  • mwgrondin
    Jun 6, 2014
      Hi Mark,

      At the time I wrote, I was unable to find a snapshot of metalog.org at
      the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I've now found one at
      Metalogos: The Gospels of Thomas, Philip and Truth

      Perhaps you can restore your links from there. I see that my own site

      is there as well, though I'm unsure if it has everything. I assume that

      the reason Metalogos disappeared is that no one paid the domain fee.

      Which makes me wonder what I and others should do (or have done)

      to insure the continuation of our own sites - or indeed whether it's

      worth doing. Perhaps a co-site-manager or some such? If we're

      trusting to the Wayback Machine to handle it, maybe it's worth

      checking to see that they have all our links?

      Mike Grondin

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