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10927Monthly Report for 2014.05

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  • Mike Grondin
    Jun 4, 2014
      Thirty-one messages were posted last month, giving us a year-to-date
      total of 163 (average 32.6 per month), compared with 138 last year,
      and better than three of the last six years. A little over half the messages
      (16) were mine, but there were also three from Rick Hubbard, two each
      from Judy Redman, Mark Goodacre, and Stephen Carlson, and one each
      from Andrew Bernhard, Bradley Skene, Ian Brown, John Moon, Stephen
      Goranson, and Tim Staker. Thanks to y'all for making May a good month.
      Other Business:
      In the process of adding Coptic Scriptorium to my links page, I checked
      the already-existing links and found that Paterson Brown's Metalogos site
      seems now to have disappeared. Paterson himself passed away some time
      back, but I had hoped that someone else would take over the site. My links
      to Metalogos were for Crum's Dictionary and Plumley's Coptic Grammar.
      I had in fact a link to a better version of Crum, so that was no problem,
      but I had to search for an alternate version of Plumley. Found one at
      Scribd, so added link to that. That's OK for my purposes, but others
      who have links to Metalogos (metalog.org) may want to check them.
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