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10918Re: [GTh] Another Angle on the "Authenticity" Controversey

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  • Mike Grondin
    May 9, 2014
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      "The other intriguing thing about all these claims of forgery is that no one
      has ever come up with a living, breathing forger." (Simcha Jacobovici)
      That's not an "intriguing thing about ... these claims of forgery" - it's their
      raison d'etre. If we had a forger, there'd be no claims of forgery because
      the case would already be made. And there's no way that we can guess the
      forger's motives, etc. There's too many possible scenarios and no way of
      choosing between them. In point of fact, Jacobovici has long ago made
      up his mind that the JWF is genuine, and, like Depuydt on the other side,
      nothing will move him. His questions, unlike DeConick's, aren't things
      that he really wonders about. They're merely a rhetorical device intended
      to imply that those who disagree with him haven't made (and never will)
      a good case.
      Mike G.
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