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10913RE: [GTh] Sexism and the GJW

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  • Judy Redman
    May 7, 2014

      Thank you to everyone who has been involved in getting this attended to. As a woman who has worked in male-dominated fields all my life, I find it sad that it is still normally a woman who points this kind of insidious sexism out, and so encouraging when people like Mike, Bill and Ian also name it as problematic.





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      A couple addenda:


      1. I was mistaken in saying that Christian's response to Eva was

      deleted from his blog. Her comment and his are still there.


      2. After discussions late this evening (here) Christian has decided to

      change the title of his blog entry. It's now 'Jesus had a sister-in-law'.

      Not very snappy, but I think the change indicates a recognition of

      concerns that have been raised here and elsewhere, and hopefully

      will serve to defuse a situation that threatened to overshadow his

      accomplishments in the fragment investigation.


      Mike Grondin

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