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  • chaptim45
    Apr 10, 2014
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      Now that the ink tests present evidence that this is an ancient text, what are we make of it then? If GJW is ancient (4-8th century CE), I think one possibility we ought to consider is that GJW may represent a copy of another version of the Gospel of Thomas.
      From the small collection of manuscript evidence that we do have of GThom, we know that the order of the text was in flux.  For example, OxyP 1 has part of L77 inserted in between L30 and L31; Also L5 in NagHam II,2 does not have a saying (“Nothing is buried that will not be raised”) which is found in the Greek OxyP654 and the Oxy Shroud.
      Could it be that the "cut and paste" forgery method that was assumed to have taken place actually be a rearranging of the text that we have already witnessed in the Gospel of Thomas' textual history?
      So, as others have pointed out, the content of GJW includes Thomasine phrases that we see in L101 (“not to me. My mother gave me life”) and L114 (“Mary is not worthy”), etc.  Perhaps these verses were tied together because of the female theme in both verses. And this provides us with another piece of manuscript evidence of the development of the text of the Gospel of Thomas.
      Tim Staker

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