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10869RE: [GTh] Coptic Unicode Headaches

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Mar 26, 2014
      Hi Mike;

      I've pretty much concluded that this is definitely a Microsoft specific
      issue. I've been doing WAY more fiddling with this than I should. It appears
      that this is also an issue with any product that is .NET enabled and that
      includes MS SQL. There is quite a bit of discussion about SQL-Unicode
      sorting issues on-line.

      Earlier I mentioned that when using the spreadsheet that is part of the Open
      Office Suite everything works fine. I downloaded the latest version of Open
      Office and lo and behold, there it STILL works just fine. I even tried
      Google Docs but that was a waste of time.

      FWIW I touched bases with Christian Askeland and he was unaware of the

      Here is what I DO know for sure:

      It is not a Coptic font related. I tried multiple Coptic fonts all with same
      It is not Key board related; I tried using 2 different Coptic Keyboards
      It is not a code point issue; I tried entering the Unicode directly using
      the ALT X method and that text did not sort correctly in Excel
      It is not just an Excel issue; sorting does not work in Access or even in

      What I think I know is:
      It isn't **directly** related to the fact that the Unicode code-points for
      the Coptic range precede those of the Greek-Coptic range (since sorting
      seems to work OK in Open Office)

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