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10866Re: [GTh] Coptic Unicode Headaches

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  • Mike Grondin
    Mar 24, 2014
      Hi Rick,
      The last time we talked about this problem (early Sept 2010), you
      determined that it had to with the version of MS Ofc being used.
      We never figured out why, but at last word, the sort worked OK
      in MS Ofc 2001 (which I still use) and MS Ofc 2003 (which you
      tested). You determined, however, that it didn't work right in MS
      Ofc 2010, and maybe in no version since 2003. Sure would like
      to know why, though - and how to fix it. Maybe Judy or somebody
      can confirm your results or tell us more about it. Or maybe you can
      contact Christian Askeland or someone else who has developed
      these fonts. I see also that it's time to upgrade my Coptic Unicode
      fonts page. I'll add a note about the sort problem if we can get a
      little better grip on it.
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