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10758Re: [GTh] Sayings 26 and 27

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  • Mark M. Mattison
    Dec 17, 2013
      Awesome. Thanks, Mike! That is helpful ... I was really puzzled over that one.

      - Mark

      On 12/17/13, Mike Grondin wrote:
      >> ... I don't ... know when and by whom the current numbering system was
      >> first put forward.
      > Now I do. It's from the first English edition of CGT, 1959, by Guillaumont,
      > Puech, Quispel, and Al Massih.
      > "The numerals which appear at the top of the right-hand pages, or have
      > been inserted within parentheses on these pages, correspond to the numbers
      > of the 114 logia, which represent our enumeration within this collection
      > ..."
      > (p. vi, emphasis added)
      > There were a couple other early numbering systems, but this one stuck.
      > In the case of 27, 93, and 101, the authors added " ". In fact,
      > that's in the Greek (P.Oxy 1) of Th27 - the only one of the three that we
      > can compare. Why it isn't in the Coptic is, I suspect, more likely due to
      > a self-imposed limitation on the number of occurrences of IS/IHS than
      > to scribal error.
      > Mike Grondin
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