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10740Re: [GTh] Th16.3 & John's Prologue

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  • Mike Grondin
    Nov 29, 2013
      [Bradley Skene]:
      > Is this in the Bible Code?
      Nah. The Bible Code is a complete joke; I'm only half-joking. I really
      do believe that the word-count in John's Prologue was intentional. The
      chance of a random number being evenly divisible by both 18 and 7
      is one in 126 (7x18). I also believe that the number of occurrences of
      'God' and 'light' weren't accidental. (BTW, this supports 'son' over
      'god' as the disputed word in v.18, since there's 7 'god's without it.)
      As I said on FB, "So many biblical scholars; so few ever count anything."
      Mike G.
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