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10732Re: [GTh] New Op-ed Piece on my Site

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  • Mike Grondin
    Nov 23, 2013
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      Thanks to Roger Mott for informing me that the URL contained in my
      note of Nov 20th is incorrect (left off 'net'). It should be:
      In further developments, I've been in touch with Andre Gagne, who informs
      me of the importance of a 1989 article by Jean-Marie Sevrin, to wit:
      “Un groupement de trois paraboles contre les richesses dans l’Évangile selon
      Thomas. EvTh 63, 64, 65,” in Les paraboles évangéliques. Perspectives nouvelles 
      (ed. J. Delorme; Lectio Divina 138; Paris, Cerf, 1989): 425-439.
      The importance of it is that, while Dehandschutter focused on the parable of the
      tenants, Sevrin focused on "A group of three parables against the rich", i.e.,
      L63-65. This would be basically the same argument that Kloppenborg used later.
      Interestingly, Sevrin's article came out the same year that Layton published what was
      to be (almost) the last hurrah for 'good man'. The following period (1990-96) is what
      I've called 'the middle period', during which an ellipsis was used in translating the
      word in question - a paradigm for the return of which my op-ed piece fervantly pleas.
      Since my many deficiencies include both lack of easy access to a good university
      library and lack of knowledge of French, I would be immensely grateful if anyone
      here can aid in getting a photocopy of this article and/or translating it into English.
      Mike Grondin
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