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10730Re: [GTh] GTh 21b

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  • Mike Grondin
    Nov 23, 2013
      Thanks for the question, but I have to say AARGH! As you can see from the
      disparate translations, there's more than one difficulty with 21.8. For starters,
      I think you can rule out both Doresse's 'place' and my own 'help'. They both
      seem to lack support. Speaking for myself, I don't have any idea at this point
      how I came up with 'help'. The small Greek lexicon in Lambdin's intro shows
      'need, necessity'. My Langenscheidt's Classical Greek dictionary shows:
      "use, advantage; intercourse[?]; service, business, office; need, necessity;
      want, poverty; desire"
      So yes, all other things being equal, a possible translation would be 'need'.
      The thing is, it's not clear what word makes sense in context. Consider:
      (1) does the word 'they' in the phrase 'they will find her' refer back to the
      thieves, or is it the Coptic passive for 'will be found'? The translations aren't
      agreed. The relevance of this factor is that if XREIA is something good, we
      would probably go with the passive; if not good, probably a back-reference.
      (2) does the phrase 'you look outward for [XREIA]' mean 'you expect (or
      anticipate) it' or 'you hope for it'? Again, both possibililties are apparent in
      the translations. The relevance of this question is that if XREIA is something
      good, it's to be hoped for, but if not, then probably something to be expected
      or anticipated (with some trepidation).
      Not much help (:-), I admit, but it's all I can think of at present.
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