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10672Re: [GTh] New Blog: André Gagné

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  • Mike Grondin
    Sep 20, 2013
      Got a nice note from André Gagné Wednesday. I had written to him after
      Chris Skinner posted a notice of my GThomas note at:
      André must have seen this, since he posted a "like" of it. At André's site,
      there's no spot to post comments to individual entries, but there is a
      general-purpose comments box. I used that and got the following in return:
      "Thank you very much for your kind message and for your encouraging words.
      I have always greatly appreciated your website; my students and I refer to it often.
      I am also grateful that you mentioned my blog on the GThomas elist and that you
      will be adding it to your website."
      Contrary to what one might think, I rarely get feedback like this about the
      classroom/student use of my website. What I had asked was whether the
      saying-by-saying and concordance portions of the site were reasonably
      accurate and useful. Thankfully, the above response implies that André
      has found it so. That's very gratifying, but I do wish that I knew more
      about how the site is being used, and how it's received, in classroom/
      student settings. I suspect there's some wincing about some of my
      word-choices, and I would address that if I knew of it, but I don't.