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10593Re: [GTh] Goings on of Interest (updated)

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  • Tom Reynolds
    May 23, 2013
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      I have read the work by Skinner, Redman and others and found it excellent. In fact I gave it 5 stars in an Amazon review.

      I was able to procure the work as a digital bookby simply calling the person indicated on the web site that Bruce posted and asking how I could purchase an electroniccopy. In fact I received it for free but it certainly is of sufficient quality that I would happily have paid the $25 for anelectronic copy.

      The work is a study of the characters and characterization in the Gospel of John and traces how each major character isused to tell the story of Jesus and support the author's purpose in writing the Gospel.

      What I think most would find most interesting is the difficulty in writing a non-fiction book that deals with historical figures if one has not actually undertaken such a project.

      Naturally, I would have done some things differently (wouldn't we all), most specifically giving Judy's analysis of the effect of existing eyewitnesses on the limitations it places on authors dealing with a historical subject and would have preferred a more in depth comparison of the characters, Peter (Skinner does a great analysis of Peter) and John in terms of each's belief in Jesus and subsequent actions and roles. However, isn't what reading a work like this is all about, to understand what the authors present and gofurther?

      Tom Reynolds
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