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10527Re: [GTh] Authorship and Dating GTh

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  • Tom Reynolds
    Mar 7 4:51 PM
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      To: Mike Grondin
      Well Mike, what I believe is that IF GTh is not similar in thought to the Synoptics then it wasn't the product of the dominant thouroughly Jewish-Christian community that produced Mk, Matt and had a profound effect on LK.
      1. GTh is a second century work of a different community
      2. A first century work of an alternate community to the dominant Jewish-Christian community that produced the Synoptics
      3. 2,000 years of the intrepretation of GTh is wrong.
      This is based on my understanding of the 1st century culture. They were not like us. They were group oriented and defined by the group and defined others by whatever group they were part of. Independent thought was not encouraged. It was a group think culture. Gnostic-like thinking would be rejected by the dominant Jewish-Christian community.
      Each of the above possibilities presents problems. If it was a second century work, why are quotations from 1st century works included? If it was a first century work of a different community what was that community and what is the evidence that it existed?
      Tom Reynolds
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