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10502Re: [GTh] Authorship and Dating GTh

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  • Mike Grondin
    Feb 10, 2013
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      Hi Jack -
      Even the first item in your long list of Mark-Thomas parallels indicates what's
      wrong with the list, namely that it doesn't show what you think it shows. The
      first item (in Markan order) is L104, which in Thomas talks about fasting and
      praying. But the Markan parallel doesn't mention praying. Nor does Matthew.
      But Luke does - in spite of the fact that the main emphasis of the pericope is
      on fasting, not prayer. So what's your explanation? That when Mark wrote his
      gospel, he dropped the two mentions of prayer that were in his "notes" at that
      point, and that later, Luke snuck it back in again? What this comes down to is
      that it isn't sufficient to just compare Thomas and Mark. That's only the one
      side of it. You also have to account for the prima facie contrary evidence of
      uniquely Matthean and/or Lukan touches that are paralleled in Thomas but
      not in Mark.
      Mike G.
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