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10491Re: [GTh] Authorship and Dating GTh

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  • Tom Reynolds
    Feb 5, 2013
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      Resopnse to Jack Kilmon
      Jack: Combining your process with Professor Russell's�I propose we attempt to recreate the original GTh�by removing all the non-pristine sayings of Yeshua/Jesus from GTh, then reading the result to see if we can ascertain the original author's purpose.
      We are making the assumption that all GTh sayings that have Synoptic parallels are "pristine" but potentially redacted for the original author's purpose and sayings without a Synoptic parallel are later additions, no? We are also assuming that the original author has an overall purpose and the original GTh is not just a memory list of an orator, no?
      This is quite a set of�assumption but the results may be very interesting.
      Tom Reynolds
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