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10483RE: [GTh] Authorship and Dating (NIV)

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Jan 22 4:53 AM

      Mike wrote:


      “I've just perused the NIV Study Bible, and zowie, is their take different! Though acknowledging authorship questions, in each and every case (even those doubted in early Christian writings) they plunk for authenticity. “



      I don’t mean to get into a Bible Bashing tirade here, but just for what it’s worth saying that the NIV “has a different take” deserves more than “Zowie” in response.


      Most of the “different takes” of this translation can be attributed to the undeniably sectarian motives behind its publication (as  Mike alludes to in his post). It was aimed directly at the evangelical market and the nuances it contains are intended to legitimize what might be called “special interests”.


      Not that this necessarily makes any difference, but perhaps it is worth noting that Zondervan Publishing has exclusive rights to the NIV’s commercial distribution. Zondervan, as you may or may not know is part of Rupert Murdoch’s business empire. The NIV sits there right along with FOX News claiming to be a “fair and balanced translation which combines thought-for-thought and word-for-word translation methods” (whatever THAT means).


      Rick Hubbard


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