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10341Re: [GTh] Did the author of the GJW use Grondin's website?(2)

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  • Mark Goodacre
    Oct 10, 2012
      Oh my goodness, Mike.  I am afraid that this might just be the smoking gun.  Well spotted.  And thank you for that typo!  No shame attached there; we all do that all the time, and you corrected your text in the main website version.  This definitely needs blogging. Cheers, Mark

      On 10 October 2012 13:02, Mike Grondin <mwgrondin@...> wrote:


      [from Mark Goodacre, 09/28]:
      > (1) Why is the M missing in front of PWN2 on line 1 of the fragment? Could
      > it be that the forger wrongly thought it was dispensable? Mike's interlinear
      > has "(the)-Life" under MPWN2 in 101 (http://gospel-thomas.net/log101.htm).
      >  Could the forger have thought that the bracketed "(the)" in the interlinear
      > rendered the M superfluous to requirements?
      > (2) Line 3 has MARIAM rather than Thomas's MARI2AM, which is unusual given
      > the extensive parallels to Thomas in the fragment.  But Mike's interlinear gives
      > "Mariam" in translation in both 21 and 114 (http://gospel-thomas.net/log114.htm)
      > so the author might have chosen to delete the hori?

      I haven't wanted to say anything about this topic previously, because,
      well, it makes me uncomfortable. But my attention has recently been
      drawn to the fact that the page-by-page version of my interlinear (as
      opposed to the interactive saying-by-saying version) is missing the 'M'
      preceding PWN2 at line 50:01 - which is the line that has been linked
      to line 1 of the fragment. This must have been something that I fixed
      in the one version but not in the other. The spelling 'Mariam' is also
      suggestive, since no other translation I'm aware of used that.
      I feel that I should also mention something that I did at my first (of two)
      SBL conventions - in Toronto, late November 2002. Naively thinking to
      impress Thomas experts, I had prepared maybe 6-8 copies of two types
      of handout. One was a packet of loose papers which included copies of
      GThomas messages I'd written, containing the URL of my website. The
      other was a copy of my page-by-page interlinear (as evidenced by its date
      of Nov 22, 2002). I don't recall everyone I gave this stuff to, but it was to
      people who had spoken about or were interested in Thomas. Not that I
      suspect an SBL member of being involved in forgery, and it would have
      been easy enough to find my site through other means, but I guess there's
      an outside possibility - assuming the thing is a forgery - that these materials
      might somehow have played a role.
      Mike Grondin

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