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10338RE: [GTh] Mark Goodacre's new book

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  • Judy Redman
    Oct 6, 2012




      [Judy:] Mark says:
      Thanks for asking, Judy. It depends where you've ordered it from.
      Amazon.co.uk are shipping the British (SPCK) version, and I know that
      people have received their copies from there. In the USA, Eerdmans
      are shipping them out pretty speedily. Others seem to be shipping
      too. Amazon.com seems to be the slowest here; but they do now appear
      at last to be shipping copies out. Note: don't search for Thomas and
      the Gospels on Amazon.com. For some reason, it takes you to an import
      of the British version. This is the correct link:
      http://www.amazon.com/dp/0802867480 .

      [Judy:] Thanks, Mark. I actually ordered through Amazon.com, not Amazon.co.uk – Amazon in the US are the ones that gave me the December delivery date. Seeing I now know that others are shipping, I will see what other options I am offered and cancel the US order if I can find someone who will send it to me faster.




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