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10332Re: [GTh] Re: Two Improbabilities in the GJW Fragment

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  • Mike Grondin
    Oct 3, 2012
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      [from David Inglis]:
      > “The extant portion of P46 is in the form
      of a single quire, i.e. it was created
      > by laying sheets of papyrus on top of each other
      and then folding them in the
      > middle, much like a modern magazine. The outer
      (verso) sides of the sheets
      > have vertical fibers, and the inner (recto)
      sides have horizontal ones. The text
      > also flows as in a magazine, from verso to
      recto, until at the center (which
      > consists of two recto pages from the same sheet
      of papyrus) it switches to
      > flowing from recto to verso."
      I should have mulled this over longer before posting a response. It now
      appears to me that the above is wrong with respect to recto/verso. Those
      terms don't apply to sheets, but to the two leaves of a sheet after it's been
      folded in half. At the center of a magazine (which is a great example, BTW),
      you don't have two recto pages, but verso and recto, just like at any other
      location to which the magazine is opened. Thus, as I said earlier, and contra
      the above, verso/recto aren't related to the direction of fibres (in papyrus).
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