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10044Re: [GTh] The Gospel of Thomas Homepage (?)

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  • Bob Schacht
    Jan 3, 2012
      At 12:57 AM 1/3/2012, Mike Grondin wrote:

      Hi Andrew,
      Just to let you know that I'm as baffled as you and Bob are about the disappearance
      of Steve D's website. New Year's glitch? One hopes so. ... I hope we'll soon hear from Steve himself via Bob.

      Here is Stevan's explanation:

      OK. Here's the deal. I discovered just last month that the site from epix.net has been removed. This is because I've not been a modem subscriber with them for a long time. But there's a mirror site at misericordia and I was about to send you that address when I discovered that it doesn't work either. I asked the guy in charge, turns out when he came to work today he found the server had gone down kaput. So he will send it out physically to a repair shop and says it might be back up by the beginning of next week, or not. So there we are. When and if it comes back it should, maybe, be at this address:
      I'll have to wait and see and then send out a mailing to sites that have the epix.net address and ask them to change.

      He doesn't mention anything about backups, but if he's like me, he has all the stuff somewhere, but not in the form presented on the familiar website, so it might take a lot of work to restore it all if the website itself has not been backed up.

      Let's hope that the server can be restored.

      Bob Schacht
      Northern Arizona University
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