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My Thomas Stuff at Academia: The Numbers

The initial two-day spurt of high interest for my Academia draft paper "Glimpse" has ended, but it's already moved ahead of "Nomina Sacra" in the list of my
Mike Grondin
11:52 AM

Latest Academia Paper

Well, it took awhile, but my thoughts on the complex of sayings 8, 72, and 100 have finally congealed into something I could post to Academia. It's 5 pages,
Mike Grondin
Nov 17

New Academia Session

https://www.academia.edu/s/575a5b818d/on-the-hidden-underside-of-gos-thom This is the latest in my ongoing efforts to put all my stuff on Academia. I had
Mike Grondin
Nov 7

Re: Monthly Report for 2017.10

Make that one less for the FB group, I just left it. There weren't that many scholarly things going on anyway, but I'm mainly done with supporting Fakebook
Sytze van der Laan
Nov 2

Monthly Report for 2017.10

Postings dropped off to four* last month, resulting in a YTD total of 83, seven ahead of last year at this point. GTS-FB had five* original postings, but also
Mike Grondin
Nov 2

Greek Prologue at Academia

The latest of the items I've uploaded it to Academia is a revision of my one- page analysis of the Greek prologue/incipit to Thomas. The revisions were (1) a
Mike Grondin
Oct 14

A Month at Academia

On Sept. 8th, I uploaded the first of four short drafts to Academia, the other three following intermittently. In order of posting, they were: Brief Notes on
Mike Grondin
Oct 9

Omega and the New World

For a long time, it's rather puzzled me why the single omega (the word 'oh' in Th72) appears in Coptic Thomas, since it casts some doubt, however faint, on the
Mike Grondin
Oct 5

Monthly Report for 2017.09

Last month's total of 16 postings was the 2nd highest for the year, exceeded only by 21 in January. Most of the activity, however (13 of 16 posts), occurred in
Mike Grondin
Oct 4

Recent Activities on Academia

Mike Grondin
Sep 28

The Nomina Sacra of Thomas

I've had it in mind for some time to work up two items - one on the numeric values of the nomina sacra in general, and another on the nomina sacra used in the
Mike Grondin
Sep 20

Re: "hate" in logia 55 and 101

That is an excellent point, Tim. On the value of retroversion from Greek to Aramaic, however, one thing that helps is that Greek is a language with several
Jack Kilmon
Sep 8

Re: "hate" in logia 55 and 101

It seems like the point of this interpretation is to try to find a way to make Jesus family-friendly; to impose an a priori assumption onto the text. Even if
Bradley Skene
Sep 8

Re: "hate" in logia 55 and 101

Jack's argument about the Aramaic SANA I think is the most persuasive regarding reinterpreting the logia here to mean something other than "hate". The fact
Tim Staker
Sep 8

Re: Change in Ownership of gospels.net

Hi Mike and Mark: I certainly see your point in that textual criticism is about the text. The purpose of TC is the correct reading of the archetype text, not
Jack Kilmon
Sep 7
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