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Re: G-Scoutmate Update information

It's been a year and half that you said an update is coming. Did you forget about us?
Apr 9, 2015

G-Scoutmate Update information

Good evening, It looks like we're on target to release the update this weekend. We were working on a fairly major change to the way the program is installed
Kevin Coleman
Nov 27, 2013

Re: Update?

Good morning, We've delayed it slightly to put it through a couple of days of additional testing/fine-tuning. An email with updated information will be sent to
Kevin Coleman
Nov 24, 2013

Re: Importing issues

Good morning, The CSV import does not merge records; it will only add records to your system. What I recommend is using the global update to remove the
Kevin Coleman
Nov 24, 2013


When will the new update be ready? I'm looking forward to it!
Nov 22, 2013

Importing issues

I tried importing my girls' information when I first got the program. It worked just fine. When I updated the CSV file with more information and tried to
Nov 19, 2013

Re: Silver Award Hours

Our Okla West council has forms to track hours. You might check you council. Kathy
Kathy Vickers
Nov 18, 2013

Re: Silver Award Hours

Thanks everyone. I guess I am having a little trouble letting go :-) ... Is there a way to track hours spent on Bronze/Silver/Gold awards? If not, what are
Nov 18, 2013

Re: Silver Award Hours

My girls kept track of their own for Silver, but we did have a troop spreadsheet for Bronze because they worked on it as a troop project. ... Of course, it's
Nov 18, 2013

Re: Silver Award Hours

That is how we do it in our troop. It's the girl's award and they need to earn it. Kathy Sent from my iPhone
Kathy Vickers
Nov 18, 2013

Re: Silver Award Hours

Of course, it's up to you - but in my troop it is 100% the responsibility of the GIRL working on the award, not me, to keep track of that. I remind the girls
Kris Stafira
Nov 17, 2013

Re: Silver Award Hours

I just used a spread sheet for my troop bronze hours. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Betty Nunes
Nov 16, 2013

Silver Award Hours

Is there a way to track hours spent on Bronze/Silver/Gold awards? If not, what are troop leaders using to track hours? TIA
Nov 16, 2013

More intuitive and user friendly

I have to say, i have not been 100% pleased with the software. It is not user friendly at all. There is no easy way to enter information for the girls,
Nov 13, 2013

Re: I pad app

Hi Kevin! I agree. An ipad/ iphone app would make my job so much easier! Is this something you're considering at all? ... Hi Kevin, I was wondering if there
Nov 6, 2013
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