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Core Regime -body needs many nutrients to function efficiently and repair properly.

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      Core Regime

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      Revised November 2012

      The reason for the Core Regime is to provide, as simply and elegantly as possible, all of the nutrients, as far as is practicable, that are required to achieve optimum health.

      The healing power of the correct nutritional supplements is exceptional, and if understood and pursued with diligence can, in the vast majority of cases, result in significant improvement to health, and often the elimination of disease. Even with the best possible diet, the use of correct nutritional supplements is still extremely important for achieving optimum health.

      The body needs many nutrients to function efficiently and repair properly. Without these nutrients we can get sick, have low energy, suffer stress more easily and eventually can develop chronic health disorders including all of the life threatening diseases and the diseases of old age. Even genetically influenced health disorders are affected by the nutrients we do or do not consume. Many genetic disease tendencies can be understood as a genetic need for more of particular nutrients.
      There are many enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and special nutrients such as glyco-nutrients. It is impossible to provide for all of these nutrients if we rely on refined supplements of particular vitamins and minerals. That is why Regenerative Nutrition supply mainly broad spectrum nutrients to make complete or almost complete supplementation a practical reality with as few supplements as possible. Several of our products are supplied as liquids and some as a choice of powders or capsules. In this way, if required, powders and liquids can be blended together in cold or warm water or juice (do not use hot water, as most of our products contain an array of enzymes and other ingredients that are destroyed by heat).

      Almost everyone can achieve significantly higher levels of health using the Core Regime. Broad spectrum nutrients really do work.

      The method has been shown to work at both combating disease states, and improving overall health and well-being. To achieve optimum health and overcome impediments, a full spectrum of nutrients is required combined with a healthy diet, including properly filtered water or chemical free water in its natural state and some exercise and fresh air. Taking isolated, refined or man-made supplements cannot fully address health issues.

      Supplements for a Full Spectrum Nutritional Program

      Full Spectrum Mineral Salts

      Virtually all sea salts lack sufficient trace minerals. Refined salt is even worse and can be irritating or even toxic to the body, yet full spectrum salts are essential for biochemical balance, lowering high blood pressure and raising low blood pressure naturally. Magnesium deficiency is generally considered to be almost universal and is one of the fundamental minerals, essential for moving health forwards.

      Mag Sea Ionics provides a balance of mineral salts as found in extra-cellular and amniotic fluid, with the preferred form of magnesium, magnesium chloride. Magnesium Chloride is an essential part of the Core Regime. Mag Sea Ionics will provide a good maintenance dose, however Magnesium deficiency is widespread and Mag Sea Pure is considered the remedy of choice for resolving this deficiency. Please see the section about Magnesium below for more information.

      Ionic Liquid Minerals with Trace Elements is an alternative to the above, especially suitable for sensitive individuals who wish to raise their magnesium levels more slowly. It is the same formulation, but without the added magnesium chloride.

      Celtic Ocean Sea Salt is highly recommended for use on food.

      Vitamin D

      The importance of Vitamin D is often over-looked. Vitamin D is a hormone like substance that is manufactured in the skin in response to sunlight exposure. Failure to obtain a least a few minutes a day of direct sunlight exposure on the skin (The Sun will not be high enough in the sky to enable UVB rays to get through to generate Vitamin D in the skin for many months a year in northern climates such as northern Europe, UK, northern USA) will result in a deficiency of Vitamin D. Deficiencies have now been linked to a multiple array of diseases and a greatly increased incidence of cancer. These diseases include arthritis, muscle weakness, multiple sclerosis, and other auto-immune disorders. In fact studies have now indicated that mortality from all causes is significantly increased in Vitamin D deficient individuals. This is not surprising when one considers the multitude of biochemical reactions that cannot complete without Vitamin D. Even the failure to integrate calcium and magnesium has been established to be resultant from Vitamin D deficiency. This defficiency has far reaching implications for getting the health right.

      Vitamin D3 2000IU One can take a broad-spectrum of nutrients and be conscientious about ones diet, but failure to address the Vitamin D issue will often result in health problems as it is so commonly overlooked. This is especially true of the elderly and people who already have compromised health, who tend not to venture outside much. This problem has been compounded by the, often contradictory, information about the actual amount of Vitamin D that we need. There have been warnings by health authorities in the past, not to take more than about 800 IU a day. Research has now found that larger supplemental doses are required to overcome Vitamin D deficiency syndrome. The general advice based on this knowledge, client experience, and clinical trials is to supplement initially with around 2000IU-4000IU per day for a few months, thereafter about 2000 IU is usually sufficient. Vitamin D is stored in the body. So, for example, if you are exposed to strong sunlight without sunscreen for 30 minutes a day for a few weeks then the body will store enough Vitamin D to last possibly a couple months.
      Safety Issues In the past there were reports of toxicity at higher doses. Further investigation has found that most or all of these reports were for Vitamin D2, (ergocalciferol). Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the form natural to the body. And is not toxic, in doses below 10,000 IU. In very rare cases people can be hypersensitive to Vitamin D, usually confined to persons with such conditions are sarcoidosis, oat cell carcinoma of the lung, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma-although other illness, such as primary hyperparathyroidism, can also cause the syndrome. Please read the full article for further details.

      Vitamin C

      Vitamin C supplementation has a long history of use, and along with Vitamin D is, in practice, the most useful general isolated vitamin supplement required for good health. We have tried to avoid isolated vitamins and minerals as far as we can, but we find that we have to make the exception with this and Vitamin D3.

      Sodium Ascorbate with Acerola Cherry Extract and Wild Rosehip The original discovery of Vitamin C was based around the body's natural form Sodium Ascorbate. The reasons why this is the 'preferred' form of Vitamin C is discussed here . We have mixed this with Acerola Cherry Extract and Wild Rosehip to give a food state Vitamin C complex with all the co-factors needed for pure vitamin C to do its full work. This is provided as a powder.

      Acerola Cherry Extract and Wild Rosehip If you prefer capsules and purely food state Vitamin C, then we supply this as an alternative to the above.


      Multi-Green Nutrition The body requires many nutrients to work efficiently, and many of these are missing in sufficient quantities, even in a carefully selected diet. After years of experimenting with combinations of nutrients and superfoods, Regenerative Nutrition finally arrived at a satisfactory formula, suitable even for delicate types, balancing calming and energising aspects. Multi-Green Nutrition is available as a powder or in vegecaps. The main ingredients are Barley Grass and Seagreens, the other ingredients provide a balanced and synergistic nutritional input.

      Barley Grass Juice Powder is recommended as an addition if one wishes larger amounts of greens added to the diet. This is a highly concentrated and quality product. Calming, broad spectrum that can be used in quantity.

      Chlorella is recommended as an addition where one wants to raise the energy faster and build immunity. Chlorella is more potent, energising and stimulating than Barley Grass Juice Powder and is normally taken at 3g daily (15 200mg tablets).

      Wild Spanish Pollen is recommended as an addition to boost vitality and the immune system. It may be taken off the spoon and chewed, or sprinkled onto food (do not cook).

      Natur-Leaf is recommended for it's ability to normalise the immune system and it general health benefits. Sterols and sterolins are found in many foods, but due to processing, cooking, rapid loss of, and difficulty in absorption, may be regarded as being almost universally deficient in the modern diet. Supplemental sterols and sterolins have been found to be completely non-toxic. Sterols and Sterolins are useful for general health maintenance, to keep a balanced immune system, detoxify the system and help to prevent disease. Natur-Leaf has anti-inflammatory effects, help to balance the hormones, support cellular health and much, much more.


      Zell Immunocomplex is the next, equally important, supplement. Alongside Multi Green Nutrition, it is our top recommended nutritional supplement.  Minimum maintenance use 10ml (One dessertspoon daily). Regular recommended use 30ml daily. Zell Immunocomplex helps to maintain healthy cellular respiration, hence aiding tissue oxygenation. This is important for maintaining correct brain and heart functioning. It also supplies a broad spectrum of nutrients to help with the immune and nervous system. It is a product with many years of successful clinical use, the ultimate 'food-state' nutrient package.  A more balanced approach than oxygen therapy and in almost all cases an essential part of a regenerative programme.

      Zell Oxygen is provided as an alternative for those with very sensitive constitutions, in particular ME sufferers. For these types we recommend starting with Zell Oxygen, and once adapted, move onto Zell Immunocomplex.
      Iodine: Lugol's Solution (7%) the uses and health benefits are very wide ranging, wider than is generally realised by people who have made a moderate study of Iodine. This is because there are so many ramifications from what it does. For example just in the area of wiping out infection, this can relate to chronic infections and these are almost always present in all serious disease such as all auto-immune disorders, and even cancer, as cancer has been found to thrive in conditions of fungal overgrowth. Then there is the modern plague of Candida infection, dysbiosis and also the related chronic fatigue, These can be dealt with and of course prevented with Iodine supplementation.
      Iodine supplementation is a essential thing to do if we want optimum health. It is such as safe mineral and has safety margins far higher than commonly used trace element supplements such as zinc and certainly Selenium. Even if you feel perfectly well just 12 mg a day of iodine can help fight off infections so the latest pandemic scare need not concern us if we understand Iodine's use in eliminating infections (Increase dose for adult to 50 to 100mg daily if you get a serious infection, but this is unlikely if you have maintained whole body sufficiency at 12mg a day for a considerable period.
      Elemental Silicon (Vitalyza 3)
      Elemental silicon is a master mineral that initiates healing and new tissue construction. It is a water soluble form of pure elemental silicon, similar to the silicon used in the electronics industry as a semi-conductor of electricity. In the body of mammals this promotes healthy cellular and tissue electro-chemistry. It also turns water to a highly alkaline state. Consumption of this helps to neutralise excess acidity at cellular and tissue level. As one's health deteriorates (especially with age) the cells tend to become more acidic so laying the foundation for disease and the associated adverse effects of aging. By maintaining a slightly alkaline cellular pH of 7.35 the foundation of our health is protected. A side effect of this is to make more oxygen available. This has many effects, including protection against anaerobic virus, bacteria, pathogenic fungi, parasites and protection against oxygen hating cancer cells. Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment, and so improving tissue and cellular oxygen is one of the main defences against cancer. Vitalyza 3 also reduces the surface tension of water so that the water is more easily absorbed by the cells, so promoting cellular hydration. Read more here
      Magnesium is one of the key minerals for regeneration; it is used in over 350 enzymatic reactions in the body, more than any other mineral. Next to Oxygen & Iodine, Magnesium is the third most important element for sustaining life as well as reversing disease and aging. It is estimated that 80% of the population of western countries are is magnesium deficient.

      Magnesium is the calming mineral for relaxing muscles, relaxing arteries and calming nerves, whereas Calcium contracts muscles. Nutritionist Thomas Steinmetz found that Magnesium deficiency is the cause of death from sudden heart attacks in 8 million people in the U.S. from 1940-1994. Magnesium is rapidly used by the adrenal glands in times of stress. Magnesium maintains proper electrical potential (voltage) across nerve and muscle membrane and increases white blood cells ability to fight infection by 300%.
      The body does not hold onto Magnesium like it does Calcium. Magnesium is excreted as a result of high stress, sugar intake, alcohol, caffeine, diarrhea, high protein and fruits.
      Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency:

      Insomnia, Obesity, Migraines, PMT (PMS), Chocolate Cravings, Emotional Instability, Depression/Apathy, Anger, Nervousness, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Gall Stones, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Diabetes, Muscle Cramps, Osteoporosis, Kidney Stones,  Memory Problems, Noise Sensitivity, Numbness and Tingling, Nervous Tics, Excessive Perspiration, Anorexia, Asthma and Accelerated Aging.

      Magnesium is one of the most important minerals that we need to be saturated with to achieve full mitochondrial production. It is the beginning of health, not the end. To read more about Magnesium, please click here and here (the second link is provided in the first article if you do not return to this page)
      Since I have started on the RN Core Regime my energy levels have been excellent. I have been able to push my body through training, recover faster, and have less injuries as a direct result of adding the RN suppliments to my daily nutrion protocol. I Beleive the quality of the RN suppliments are the best in the market. I have recently put in another order with RN and I look forward to continuing my Ironman training with the best quality suppliments that money can buy! I would also like to comment on how superb the customer service is at RN. Thank you for getting back to all of my emails and questions I have had over the past few months!! All the best, Cheers Ryan
      Improving Chi or Life Energy
      For nutrition to be properly utilised and for health to improve the important factor of Chi or Life-Energy needs to be addressed. The three aspects of this are
        Constitutionally low Chi Low Chi caused by a underground body of water below the home or workplace that effects the persons in those buildings. This is surprisingly common for people with chronic health disorders. Disturbed Chi due to electromagnetic stress.
      To help overcome these issues you can use a Room Charger and / or an Chi-Life Energy Pendant. For details click here
      We suggest the Core Regime for people in fair to good health, seeking a broad spectrum nutritional supplement regime to maximise their health and vitality.
      For those people fighting disease states and other health disorders, sensitive and elderly people and those seeking a deeper understanding of these principles, in addition to the fundamentals outlined in the Core Regime, we suggest the following further reading regarding common factors that contribute to health problems and disease....

      Heavy Metal Removal
      Factors involved in Auto Immune Disorders
      Health Conditions List
      Additional Supplements for the Aged
      Acidity (Cellular pH)
      The Causes and Treatment of Progressive Paralytic Diseases of the Nervous System
      Dietary Guidelines
      The Dramatic Importance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
      The Natural Healing Process
      The Relationship Of Acid Wastes, Oxygenation and Lymphatic Congestion to Disease

      For a fantastic wealth of information based on true science and study of traditional diets and healthy populations see the Western Price ABC of Nutrition

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