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Re: [groningen-genealogy] Digest Number 155-re. Iwema, Lubbers & Boelens

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  • jopostema@juno.com
    ... Hello Hans and others researching the above families, I also am researching the surnames Iwema, Lubbers, and Boelens in my children s ancestry. I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
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      On 24 Apr 2001 15:01:02 -0000 groningen-genealogy@yahoogroups.com writes:
      > Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 13:58:16 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Hans Zijlstra <hzijlstra@...>
      > Subject: Iwema, Lubbers, Boelens, Banus, Kappelhof
      > Hallo Allemaal,
      > Wie heeft aanvullingen op de volgende mensen uit mijn
      > kwartierstaat:
      > 11. Trijntje Iwema, geboren 2 mei 1864 te Wierum, gem.
      > Aduard en overleden 12 December 1910 te Kommerzijl
      > dochter van
      > 22. Jan Iwema en
      > 23. Barbera Lubbers, geboren 16 juni 1799 te Aduard ?
      > dochter van
      > 46. Willem Thomas Lubbers ? en
      > 47. Booike Hendriks Boelens
      > Zijn er verder ook mensen die onderzoek hebben gedaan
      > naar de RK families Banus en Kappelhof uit
      > Oost-Groningen ?
      > Groet,
      > Hans Zijlstra

      Hello Hans and others researching the above families,
      I also am researching the surnames Iwema, Lubbers,
      and Boelens in my children's ancestry.
      I have found the following regards these families:
      *Lubbert Egbert
      m. 5 March 1706 Wierum
      Klaaske Klaasen b. 24 9 1673 Adorp, of this marriage:
      (all births found in Wierum)
      Geertje b. 6 Apr. 1707
      * Tomas Lubbers b. 12 June 1709
      m. 12 June 1747 Wierum
      Aafke Klaasen b. 30 June 1726 Wierum
      (possibly daughter of Klaas Harms and Barber Willems)
      of this marriage:
      Klaasen b. 11 August 1748
      * Willem b. 12 Jan. 1750
      m .16 Dec. 1781 Wierum
      Booike Hindriks Boelens b. 1759 Noordhorn
      (daughter of Hendrik Harms Boelens and Sijbrig
      Pieters Hamming)
      of this marriage:
      Tomas b. 4 Apr 1782 d. bef. 1786
      Aafien b. 6 March 1784
      Sibrich b. 24 Apr 1785 m. Reinder de Groot
      Booike b. 24 Apr 1785
      Tomas b. 2 Sept. 1786 m. Frouke Hendriks Dijkhuis
      Klaas b. 10 Feb 1788 m. Grietje Elema
      Wolter b. 25 March 1789
      Harmanus b.7 Oct 1792 d. bef. 1798
      Klaasien b.12 Jan 1794 m. Pontio Hagedoorn
      Ite b. 28 July 1795 m. Antje Jans Braker
      * Egbert b. 16 Oct 1796 m. Hilje Steven Wolvinga
      of this marriage:
      Booike m.22 March 1848 Aduard
      Hendrik Wolthuis(son of Berend Egberts
      Wolthuis and Lijske Hendriks Dijk)
      * Barbara b. abt 1842, m. 13 Feb 1864
      Jan Iwema b. Zuidhorn (son of Gerrit Jans
      Iwema and Trientje Reinders de Boer)
      Harmanus b. 11 March 1798
      Barbara b. 7 June 1799 m. Hendrik Jans Braker
      Aaltje b. 18 Nov 1800
      I have not researched families of all the above children of
      Willem Tomas Lubbers and Booike Hendriks as yet.
      My children are descended from Ite Willems Lubbers and
      Antje Jans Braker. I have done more research on the Boelens
      and Braker families and the descendants of Ite Willems Lubbers
      and Antje Jans Braker and can send that if you are interested .
      You can e- mail me at jopostema@ juno.com or I can post
      more information here on the list.
      I would be most interested to learn if anyone has knowledge
      about a Wibko (or Wibbena ? Iwema b. abt 1701 Zuidhorn,
      m. 4 August 1745 Leek to Obbo Copinga. I have not been able
      to find her parents or birth date.
      Greetings to all from sunny Michigan (finally!)
      where the tulips are blooming here in Grand Rapids and in
      Holland where soon we will celebrate Tulip Time! Joanne Postema

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