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34727Re: Groningen to Michigan: Goedkoop Tickets?

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  • fokkesukke@rocketmail.com
    Jan 13, 2012
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      Hi Bob,

      Since I am Dutch obviously my ancestors did not emmigrate to the USA, but several siblings did. I became very interested in the subject and do hope to get into contact with one of their offspring eventually. In general you can find some information on the passengerlists, if your ancestors can be traced back. Not all lists have the same lay-out, but at least on some of them it is stated who is paying for the trip and often you see it is a family member who did, but ... someone had to go first of course. It might indeed be people joined their forces and collected money for one person to be the first one to travel to the New World.
      Another nice piece of information is the amount of money the passengers took with them. Some passengerlists state them.

      Do you know from which village in Groningen your ancestors departed? I would like to check if any of my relatives originated from it as well. Of course Michigan has many cities, but what I have seen so far is that many travelled to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Muskegon.
      I also wonder what is left of the Dutch origin within the families: is it something that happened in ancient times - as far as the present generation is concerned - or is the Dutch heritage still part of family-life in stories that are told and pictures or letters that are inherited?
      Hope you can tell me what it is like to be on the other side of the Ocean, in the country that was peopled with so many Europeans who hoped to obtain a better life.

      Kind regards,
      --- In groningen-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, "bulletbobd" <bulletbobd@...> wrote:
      > Hey, guys, anyone know how my ancestors had enough money to emmigrate
      > to America? I read that Groningen's economy was bad in the middle of
      > the 1800s. How did a farm laborer afford the passage? Did the Dutch
      > government help? Bedankt. -Bob DeVlieg
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