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After nearly a year without the rite password FINALLY I am back in the saddle again with my old email address whew been a hard climb going thru old backup
Jan 27, 2014

Re: To all members

Sounds good, Theo.
Jan 4, 2014

To all members

Also best wishes from me and I hope there will be some more action here in Grimygulchcafe, like publishing old material of Tumbleweeds and info about the strip
Dec 30, 2013
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Studio pictures

Hello fellow Weeders, Just wondering if anyone has or has ever seen any photos of Mr. Ryan at work, sitting at the drawing board...
David Fode
Aug 1, 2013

Book "Tumbleweeds RAW" no longer available for sale

To all Tumbleweeds-fans, I want to let you know that the book "Tumbleweeds RAW" is no longer available for sale. Don't think I've sold all books, for due to a
Jul 26, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready | PayPal

Sounds great- wish I could afford one......... From: John Wheeler To: grimygulchcafe@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
pete callamaras
Mar 6, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready | PayPal

Seriously, Fellow Tribelings, this is a GOOD BOOK. Its only fault is that it should be about ten times thicker, but whatcha gonna do? :)) Best wishes, John
John Wheeler
Mar 6, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready | PayPal

Dear Theo, Chief Sitting Duck @:-) says: You want me to persuade these palefaces to buy this book? Seem-um good to me. BUY THIS BOOK, OR ELSE CHIEF SAGAMORE OF
John Wheeler
Mar 6, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready | PayPal

Hello John, It's nice to hear you like the book. Making the book was - indeed - a lot of work, but I've enjoyed doing it. Thanks for letting me know. I hope
Mar 5, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready | PayPal

Just wanted to let you (Theo) and all that my copy of TUMBLEWEEDS RAW arrived last week in excellent condition and that I've read it through already. Thank you
John Wheeler
Mar 4, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready

My thoughts, exactly.    What about the method of sending a check and having the book delivered once the check clears?   Kathi ... From: John Wheeler
Kathi Kemp
Feb 20, 2013

Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready | PayPal

To interested members, I have forgotten to mention the email-address for my PayPal-account. this is: thekeij@... Theo Keijzer
Feb 20, 2013

Re: Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready

Uh, so how does one do that exactly? International money order? Working through one's bank? (Have you considered setting up PayPal?) Looking forward to my
John Wheeler
Feb 19, 2013

Book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready

To interested members, The book "TUMBLEWEEDS RAW" is ready. $ 36.00 for the book $ 24.00 for package and shipment with track-and-trace. $ 60.00 total The
Feb 19, 2013

Re: good member

... From: iduff Gwinnutt Subject: Re: [grimygulchcafe] Re: good member To: grimygulchcafe@yahoogroups.com Received: Sunday, January
iduff Gwinnutt
Jan 27, 2013
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