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1971Student Bear seeks reinstatement.

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  • tedthebear2002
    Dec 24, 2007
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      > Another voice, accompanied by the brutal snap of a ruler.
      > No doubt the voice of Professor Gurra ordering student
      > bear to get back to his assignment.

      Dear Professors,

      Student Bear wonders if it's not too late to turn in his assignment?
      The research involved has taken said Bear much longer than
      anticipated. It involved many travels, including a year in Sweden,
      and to other places such as Switzerland and New York. Unfortunately
      Student Bear was incarcerated for an extended period due to an ill
      advised entry into a Manhattan cooperative on East Fifty-second
      He was also confined to the Klosters Sanitarium for the Criminally
      Insane until last month when he was released due to overcrowding.

      Hopefully, Professors will consider these difficult circumstances in
      their consideration of Student Bear's future enrollment and
      continuance of his studies.

      Student Bear
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