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1962One Of The Newbies

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  • free_charlie_72
    Jul 18, 2006
      Hi! I'm the newbie here...

      I first seen Greta in the movie Grand Hotel with John Barrymore and
      Joan Crawford. My sister got it for me because at the time, I was a
      huge Joan Crawford fan. Well, once Greta's face filled that silver
      screen, I instantly fell in love!

      My fave movies are Queen Christina, Grand Hotel, Flesh And The Devil,
      Ninotchka, Joyless Street, and The Temptress.

      I love the fact that in all the years she was famous, she never spoke
      a word of her life to the public. And still, after all these years,
      we still don't know that much. She's the best actress ever, no one
      compares! Well, Bette Davis comes a distant 2nd for me :D