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1951Greta in NYC

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  • peangel120@aol.com
    Oct 14, 2005
      Hi everyone,
      I want to tell all of you about my Greta adventures in NYC.I went to the Greta exhibit at the Scandanavia House.
      They have 4 rooms of gorgeous photos of her.They also have a few clippings and magazines.I was very happy to be able to see it.I just wish they had more.In the gift shop they are selling posters,box of cards,a beautiful silk scarf with pictures of Greta that I couldnt afford.a tee shirt with photos of her and the new books.And the book from her Auction.
      Also in the book store windows they have her new books on display.And at the Mont Blanc store they have huge pictures of Greta all over the store and in the windows.
      I wonder what they will do with them after?
      Isnt it wonderful that she is all over like this?
      She should get lots of new fans.
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