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1945Re: Greta Garbo yahoo group

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  • tedthebear2002
    Sep 29, 2005
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      Student bear is not allowed to leave the vortex for other Garbo sites.
      The professors forbid it and the penalty for doing so
      is an automatic F on assignment 1.

      Good luck though. The more we spread the miracle of our beloved
      across the internet the better the world will be for it.


      Student Bear

      P.S. Voices are returning into student bear's head, voices that
      belong to ??? A man's voice, with a sensuous, slighty tipsy
      baritone, asking for "Flicka." Could it be...?
      Another voice, accompanied by the brutal snap of a ruler.
      No doubt the voice of Professor Gurra ordering student
      bear to get back to his assignment.
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