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  • Greg Kersten
    Almost no amount of words can describe the legal intricacies of what has happened to Greg this past year, this post is much longer than I had wanted, so I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2007
      Almost no amount of words can describe the legal intricacies of what
      has happened to Greg this past year, this post is much longer than I
      had wanted, so I apologize to those of you who stumble upon it

      Other than his original complaint, filed in November, 2005
      (unfortunately, after poor legal advice), Greg Kersten has initiated
      NO litigation against Lynn Thomas and the EAGALA "Board of Directors"
      (even the legitimacy of the board is in dispute based on the By-Laws)-
      or EAGALA until last week (as described below).

      Greg has not sued them or pursued any course of action which would
      have required them to DEFEND themselves using funds from the
      nonprofit association.

      On the contrary, in the past year Greg has had to DEFEND HIMSELF
      against Lynn Thomas and the "board" from losing his rightful
      property (which even Judge Steven E. Hansen admits is still is in
      dispute), defend himself against contempt charges (not once, but
      TWICE), defend himself against being forced into signing over HIS
      intellectual property rights to the association, defend himself
      against concealing from the general public the settlement terms Lynn
      Thomas and the "board" sought, and defend himself and his reputation
      against baseless (my word, but the judgment seemed to agree)
      allegations to the Utah Department of Workforce Services and folks
      like you.

      Maybe you can understand why we feel this is a personal vendetta
      against Greg by folks who have access to the association's funds.

      We do not see how the litigation of 2006 had anything to do with
      DEFENDING (great, powerful word used by the association) the
      association Greg founded.

      We realize that it is human nature to believe the WORST about folks,
      yet it is true that to this day, neither Lynn Thomas nor the "board
      of directors" has proven in ANY court ANY wrongdoing on the part of
      the association's founder prior to the date they decided to fire

      When Greg was terminated a week before Thanksgiving in 2005, he was
      given NO notice and NO explanation (except that he didn't show up for
      a meeting for which he was given 24 hours notice). There had never
      been any expression of dissatisfaction with Greg's work by ANYONE .
      He was fired in an email - which, of course, I had the pleasure of
      receiving (pardon the sarcasm) since Greg doesn't use computers.

      It seems that later, Lynn and the "board" gave the Utah Department of
      Workforce Services (and other interested folks) a list of allegations
      as to why Greg should have been fired. Not only does Greg deny the
      accusations and their interpretation, but even the Judge stated that
      Greg was the more believable party in the case. The Judge has ruled
      that Greg was terminated "without just cause" after reviewing the
      allegations (twice). Lynn and the "board" have appealed this
      decision twice.


      Greg has moved on, and, of course, I am his biggest
      supporter. We appreciate all concerned folks and we are "O.K.!" We
      are NOT a nonprofit association using member dues to pursue
      litigation. We are a family using our own funds to fight for our
      livelihood and Greg's reputation.

      Monday, January 8 we will be in court to determine 1) who has
      rightful authority in EAGALA, and 2) will Greg be compelled to serve
      30 days and pay $1000 for safeguarding disputed property (largely
      because - AGAINST the Judge's order, Lynn Thomas and the "board"
      have already sold off the other property still in dispute that he
      delivered to them).

      Last week, Greg filed a motion to hold Lynn and the "board" in
      contempt of court for selling the truck and horse trailer against the
      Judge's order. The penalty for this charge is a maximum of $1000 and
      30 days in jail.

      Further, Greg is filing a suit for wrongful
      termination and for a decision to be made by the court on the
      ownership of the property in dispute (including that which has been
      unlawfully sold :( ). Greg's complaints are not against EAGALA nor
      its membership, but against the "board's" unauthorized and unethical
      actions (to be proven in court), including those of the "board
      members" who have resigned, or been terminated, or disappeared
      for "personal reasons" in the past weeks.

      It seems that association members and O.K. members are getting
      entrenched on sides e.g. writing letters and spreading their own
      propaganda (on Greg's behalf too, I will admit), as has been
      illustrated by one person's recent online comment that someone is a
      strong supporter of "the other side," and a "professional" in
      Colorado trying to enlist support against Greg. It is my hope that
      all of you professionals can rise above being lapdogs for ANYONE and
      continue to give EAP, EAL, EALC, EAPD, and EA-everything a good name.

      The O.K. Corral stands for "Observation" and "Knowledge." Will you
      please continue to Observe as much as you can and add to your own

      We do not assert anything we cannot prove - especially in this
      ordeal. Greg has always said "Soc it to 'em!" because he always
      encourages people to ask questions (like Socrates). He is open to
      any and all questions - but you are going to need to step up and
      call - no hiding behind emails (then only I get them, and I already
      have a full-time job, please call 1-866-391-6565). We also encourage
      you to attend any court dates you can, which we will do our best to
      post on www.gregkersten.com in advance.

      I admit to being emotionally involved and obviously biased but you
      can count on the facts I have presented here.


      Jennifer Kersten
      proud wife of Greg Kersten (from whom I believe we can all learn a
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