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  • Greg Kersten
    Feb 23, 2007
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      We have posted a recent decision by the Utah Court of Appeals
      regarding Greg's eligibility for unemployment benefits through the
      Utah Department of Workforce Services.

      Greg was determined to be eligible for unemployment benefits between
      Nov. 2005 and Jan. 2006, at which time he launched the O.K. Corral
      Series, and was no longer eligible. After that time, EAGALA
      continued to appeal the decision (twice) regarding Greg's eligibility
      to collect unemployment benefits (by saying he had been terminated
      for good reason, or "with just cause"), even though he was no longer
      attempting to collect them - as this is not allowed once you are self-

      There are many aspects of this litigation we do not (and may never)
      understand. One of those aspects is why EAGALA would spend so much
      time, effort, and association money appealing this decision - when
      Greg could no longer file for unemployment benefits anyway.

      In an case, the Judges of the Appellate Court have upheld the
      decisions of all the prior Judges - namely that Greg Kersten was
      terminated "without just cause" and that benefits should have been

      I do not believe that any more appeals on the part of EAGALA are
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