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12Lynn Thomas' Latest Affidavit

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  • Greg Kersten
    Mar 18, 2007
      Dear Interested Parties:

      As I have told many people lately, the past year and a half has
      been an enormous test of character for any folks who ever claimed to
      be a friend of Greg Kersten, as well as EAGALA members. Sadly, most
      people have failed that test, and happily – we have found out what
      true friendship means from a few outstanding people of superior
      courage, confidence, and honesty.

      Some people have said they wish Greg would back down or move on
      from his disputes with EAGALA. Others claim they do not want to know
      the details, facts, or evidence – they would like to pretend that
      issues do not exist. Many believe it is detrimental to the fields of
      EAP and EAL to perpetuate this dispute. Others cannot imagine how
      Greg could be the righteous party in the face of the large,
      international association that he worked so hard to create (we, too
      ask ourselves how? and why? to this day) – others are too insecure to
      make a stand against such an association.

      I believe that Greg does not avoid constructive confrontation.
      In this case, we are acutely aware that there are issues of right and
      wrong, and we are not willing to back down in the face of the evil we
      perceive. We firmly believe that we are fighting for Greg's
      reputation, as well as a fair resolution to this entire situation.

      Personally, I am SICK and TIRED of the lies being told and
      HISTORY being REWRITTEN to minimize the importance of my husband
      after he has dedicated his life to this field.

      Yesterday we received the latest affidavit filed by Lynn Thomas
      in order to postpone the hearing on the motion to hold her and the
      EAGALA board of directors in contempt of court. While I understand
      that she would not want the court date right after the EAGALA
      Conference – we were hopeful that some EAGALA members would be able
      to attend the hearing for themselves as it would be more convenient.

      Regardless, it is some STATEMENTS she makes in her affidavit
      that are questionable and bordering on defamatory in the revisionist
      way she attempts to write Greg OUT of the history of EAGALA, and EAP
      in general.. Yet she has entered them into the court record in a
      sworn affidavit. I want to address them in the court of public
      opinion until we get our day in court.

      I have posted the Affidavit on the page of pleadings, and have
      included other supporting information in the files section of the
      listserve. It has been 18 months since Greg was fired, and we have
      never made some of this information public until now. We didn't want
      to "go there" and get personal, but when we are faced with lies, we
      will shed light on the truth. And we have a lot of evidence to
      support the truth, and every claim we make.

      Following are the numbered statements from Lynn Thomas' affidavit,
      followed by my perception of the facts – some of you have been
      eyewitnesses to this history as well – and your statements would be
      much appreciated when we get our day in court.

      STATEMENT 2. I am the co-founder, President, and CEO of EAGALA.
      EAGALA is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating and
      training mental health therapists and equine specialists in equine
      assisted mental health therapy.

      - Those who have been in the EAP world since the late 1990s
      might remember the first EAGALA News published in 1999 – and I would
      encourage you to request a copy from the EAGALA archives – if they
      will give you one. First of all, it announces that the formation of
      EAGALA is presented BY Equine Services, Inc. which was then and is
      now Greg Kersten's company. It also gives biographical sketches of
      the key players. Greg Kersten is described as THE FOUNDER of EAGALA
      and THE FOUNDER of EAP. Lynn Thomas is listed as neither, and yet
      she wrote, typed and published that newsletter, so one would be led
      to believe that this was her understanding too. . . Some years later
      she has started calling herself "co-founder."

      - In a letter to Greg Kersten from Lynn Thomas dated 5/5/03
      (Entire letter is posted in the "files" section of this listserve),
      Lynn stated, "I have always credited you as the creator and creative
      genius behind EAGALA and EAP. I don't understand where this
      perception of yours is coming from that I am forgetting this? "

      STATEMENT 4. I am known throughout the world as the co-founder of
      EAGALA and because I was and I am a licensed mental health therapist,
      I am known as the person most responsible for developing the mental
      health component and the mental health models for equine assisted


      - Lynn Thomas was NOT a licensed mental health therapist when
      EAGALA was founded.
      - We would argue that Lynn is NOT known as the person most
      responsible for developing the mental health component and the mental
      health models for equine assisted psychotherapy. See the following.

      Many OK Corral and EAGALA members have contacted us in the past
      18 months claiming first-hand knowledge that Greg Kersten was the
      source of EAP and its activities and models. When I asked Greg, he
      stated that Lynn did not contribute a single new activity to the
      trainings from the beginning of time until November, 2005 when the
      board fired Greg "without just cause."* Greg created all of the
      activities in the training manual – including those that originated
      in his business "Equine Services" - and which are reportedly still
      being used by EAGALA without Greg's permission.
      Remember "Appendages" or "Life's Little Obstacles," or "Temptation
      Alley?" Even the "Catch and Halter" was in the Equine Services Manual
      before EAGALA even existed.

      In a letter to Greg Kersten from Lynn Thomas dated 5/5/03(Entire
      letter is posted in the "files" section of this listserve), Lynn
      stated, "If anything, it is you who does all the trainings –
      obviously I am the expendable one – there are tons of therapists that
      can take my place, but we have not found anyone to take yours and I
      have always said that to others as well as you that no one is as good
      as you at EAP. You are the founder.. . .The only thing I have ever
      considered is me quitting because of the stress it has created and
      taking me away from my family life.. . .But, it will be me leaving
      EAGALA, not you. . . .I don't believe that splitting up is good for
      EAGALA. But, I know I am the expendable one here. I am not the
      originator. I can go to any business, and if I believe in it, can
      help make it successful, but I don't come up with ideas on my own."

      STATEMENT 8. In conjunction with the re-structuring of the
      certification program, I have authored and developed a new training
      entitled "Fundamentals of EAGALA Model Practice Part 2 Training."

      FACTS: This absolutely may be the case. We are skeptical, however,
      that if this indeed an original creation of EAGALA and Lynn Thomas,
      that none of the previous exercises authored by Greg Kersten be used
      in the course of the training without his permission, and be
      represented as the property or product of EAGALA.

      STATEMENT 13. Mental health professionals attending the training will
      receive continuing professional education credits from their
      respective mental health boards. My presence is also required at the
      training because the mental health boards will not give credit for
      the training unless a licensed mental health therapist administers
      the training.

      FACTS: This is the case for some states, but many states offer
      continuing education credits to providers who are considered to be
      experts in their subject area. For this reason, many states offer
      CEU credit for seminars taught by Greg – who holds no degree or
      license, as he is recognized as the authority in his field.

      *As determined by the Utah Court of Appeals, February, 2007.

      Your comments and perceptions are welcome on this listserve, and we
      would like to invite anyone to attend our court hearings (may they be

      What I would hope for all readers is that you INVESTIGATE what you
      support and stand up for what is right.
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