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239Stabilized Reversing Zapruder Film.

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  • Bill
    Nov 13, 2010
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      I just put this in the links section, but thought I'd call your attention to it. The film reverses back and forth, allowing you to see Greer's hand movement in reverse, making it even more evident that his LEFT hand was NOT on the steering wheel, as many researchers and naysayers have claimed. You can still see that Greer had an object in his hand that has been 'greyed out'. Remember that the man who filmed the assassination, ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER, and TIME-Life owner, HENRY LUCE, who bought the film, were CIA assets and HENRY was good friends, with ex-CIA director, Warren Commission member, and fellow Bonesman, ALLEN DULLES. This easily put the Zapruder film in the hands of Agency forgers.  Professional analysis has revealed that the Zapruder film has been tampered with.



      This video is also in the Links section, and it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT TESTS that has EVER been done regarding the assassination on the PRESIDENT!  I have been saying for 15 years, that IF the GRASSY KNOLL SHOT, had hit JFK, that the bullet would have blown out the LEFT side of his skull. Simple Geometry was never considered by any of the proponents of the Grassy Knoll shot. This test, performed by a professional marksman, PROVES that point!