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227Re: confession story In New book "Inside the ARRB" by Clint Hill on Greer with gun

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  • Bill
    Nov 5, 2010
      Thanks for this, it is VERY interesting indeed! I believe that Greer was the one of the people the Secret Service was looking for in their investigation of their own agency possibly being infiltrated by the CIA, and I believe he is the one in the Torbitt Document known as 'ZED'. He was employed by Henry Cabot-Lodge's family when he first came to this country, and as you know, the Kennedy's and the Lodge's were long time political opponents. Henry Jr. was appointed by Kennedy as Ambassador to Vietnam, a man he had beaten out for the Mass. Senate seat, and then had defeated again when he beat Nixon-Lodge for the Presidential office. Cabot-Lodge was directly in charge of the men who ran the 'Phoenix Program', and these men are suspected as being some of the main players in Diem's and JFK's assassination, and several seem to have been photographed in Dealey Plaza that day.

      Thanks again!

      --- In greer_shot_JFK@yahoogroups.com, "wallyjr332" <wallyjr332@...> wrote:
      > In Doug Horne's " Inside The ARRB" this passage has a VERY interesting story.
      > ""A prominent researcher I know (and I know several, do not assume that his identity is a "given") videotaped an interview he conducted with one of the Air Force One stewards — a black man — shortly before the steward died. The steward related (on videotape) that on the flight back to Washington, D.C. from Love Field, agent Clint Hill was changing his shirt (which was covered with the President's blood) and in a moment of complete honesty, while being assisted by the steward with his change of wardrobe, confided to the steward that when he jumped onto the back of the limousine "the driver had his gun out and it was pointed at my face." As the interview was related to me, Clint Hill was quite shaken by what he saw, for the implications were obvious. Hill's descriptions of the sound of the head shot(s), in both his written statement and in his Warren Commission testimony, were consistently that it resembled the sound a revolver makes when it is fired into a hard object, as I discussed extensively in Chapter 13. Now you know the rest of the story. I personally believe this hearsay account, which is why I have taken the reports of a left temporal entry wound from Parkland so seriously in this book Bertha Lozano, smelled "smoke" (i.e gunpowder) when Kennedy and Connally were rushed past her on gurneys to the trauma stations for treatment. The videotaped interview of the steward also provides independent corroboration Hugh Betzner's account in his Sheriff Department affidavit of November 22, 1963 that he saw a nickel [plated] revolver in someone's hand inside the limousine during the assassination, and is consistent with Jean Hill's account in her November 22, 1963 affidavit that some men in plain clothes were `shooting back' [at the assassins]. Furthermore, since the Zapruder film does not depict Greer holding a handgun and pointing it at President Kennedy, I am even more persuaded that the film has been altered — to remove not only the brief car stop, but what happened during the car stop." [emphasis in original; Horne, Volume V, pp.1415-1416.]
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