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110Re: [greer_shot_JFK] Looking at the picture, jackie looking at John and Nella holding John Connally

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    Oct 30, 2006
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       Stanley Denise Jean Franklin Rebar Allen.. .. you really are a raving lunatic..all 246 personalities of you
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      From: yousa52
      Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 12:04 PM
      Subject: [greer_shot_JFK] Looking at the picture, jackie looking at John and Nella holding John Connally

      The back seat is rocking and realing with bullets flying in all
      directions and the Secret Service is acting like nothing is happening.

      Just think, you hired these Secret Service people to protect the
      passenger's inside of the President's limosine and look at them.

      Look at them. William Greer is looking directly into the back seat
      and Roy Kellerman, his head is not moving. Something is definately
      wrong with this picture.

      Night mare in dealy plaza. What was the Secret Service men thinking

      You know that after this snap shot the car came to just about a
      complete stop so everyone could shoot at the former President John
      Fitzgerald Kennedy.

      What kind of trouble did these secret service agents get into and how
      was their actions directly related to the fatal shooting of our
      former President of the United States?

      Look at how stiff the head of Roy Kellerman is? Is he holding the
      wheel of the car? Is william Greer beginning to do his job of
      breaking out the windows so they could shoot the President. All of
      the time Jacqueline Kennedy was saying what are they doing? What are
      they doing?

      She is refering to the agents inside of the president's limosine and
      no one could see what was happening because it is an inside job.

      Yes, shooting the President from inside of the Presidents car while
      all of the world watched.

      The eye witnesses said that the shots came from i8nside of the
      President's limosine.

      Look at the broken glass. Oh yea, you cannot see the broken glass.
      The explosions that broke the glass. The Secret Service agent that
      jumps on top of the President! Oh, that is part of the film that was
      origionally cut out. so they had to cut the film again when the back
      of the President's head flys out of the back of his head. oh, they
      said that is too gruesome for the American people to witness.

      Well, in World war two, it was only 6 million jews that they claimed
      died but how many people died in that war?

      well, the number was over 56 million persons dead and how many

      How many people are mentally hurt for the rest of their life?

      How does this effect the middle class? Is there a middle class left
      after the war?

      Well, is the middle class shrinking? Yes, the gap is widening
      between the middle class and the rich.

      Solutions to the problem.

      Well, they ask what is the problem and no noe can identify any

      Well, if you can present a problem then we can identify the problem
      and then begin to present one or more solutions that can solve the

      OOOohhhh that is right, there is no problem. It is part of a plan to
      raise the cost of living to remand each and every person into slavery.

      Work to buy a house that you will never pay off. Fore sure your
      taxes will go up from 400 dollars per year to 5,000.00 per year.

      part of the Bush plan.